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Whatever your life safety or property protection requirements, AJ Fire & Security Ltd are able to provide a full range of services from the consultation & concept stage to complete system handover and ongoing support through maintenance & routine attention. The systems we provide meet the needs & requirements of the majority of specifications, are supported with comprehensive documentation upon completion, certified to the current relevant British Standard and come with a full guarantee.

The need for a life or property protection system is driven by a variety of factors; Insurance providers, Legislation, Local Authorities, The Fire Brigade and in the majority of cases, a Fire Risk Assessment, now a legal requirement in itself under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, 2005 (RRFSO)

Here at AJ Fire & Security, we are able to draw upon and combine our extensive knowledge of available products, in-depth awareness of standards and industry experience to provide you with robust, reliable, compliant yet cost effective systems that will fully satisfy the criteria set out by the relevant bodies.

suppliers LogosWe have established relationships with well known and proven industry brands and suppliers giving us great flexibility in system design & support. By having access to such a wide ranging choice of equipment, our ability to maintain existing systems is also enhanced. As with most modern technology, equipment is being forever updated and improved and here at AJ Fire & Security Ltd we are constantly monitoring for improvements that will be of benefit to our customers.

We are Paxton Access Control registered installers and registered partners for Mobotix IP CCTV.

The performance & integrity of any system lies not only with the quality of equipment used but also with that of the installation & this is especially critical with life safety systems, as they are required to continue functioning following the outbreak of fire.

Our installation teams are experienced in projects of many sizes; commercial & industrial; offices; retail units; new builds; full and partial refurbishments; HMO & domestic properties.

Where additions or alterations to your existing systems are required, we will conduct our works sympathetically and with minimal disruption to your working environment.

Any installation work, whether a small modification or a brand new system needs to be commissioned and certified.

Our trained engineers will inspect & test all relevant aspects of the installation and certify that it is true to the design, compliant with the relevant standard and able to perform its intended function before handing over to you a fully operational system that you can be confident in and have peace of mind that it's quietly but constantly protecting you, your premises & your assets.

We also offer a dedicated commissioning service for installations carried out by other installers or electrical contractors.

Life and property protection systems, emergency lighting and all fire protection systems require a regular regime of routine attention and maintenance. Depending on the type of system, this regime can range from daily, weekly & monthly checks carried out by the end user to certified periodic inspection & servicing by competent service providers such as AJ Fire & Security Ltd.

Periodic inspections to Fire alarm systems are a requirement under the RRFSO and are usually carried out quarterly, but a less regular schedule may be undertaken should your fire risk assessment permit.

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All testing wether by the user or service company along with all other occurrences such as fire drills, false alarms, system modification and personnel training should be recorded in a log book. This should be kept on site and updated regularly and may be also be required for inspection at any time should the fire brigade decide to visit & inspect your premises.

Please visit our free downloads page where you will find a handy reference guide to fire safety routines & fire safety log book pages for you to print & use.

With nearly twenty years experience in the fire protection industry, our engineers have gained great experience with many types of system, equipment and applications. As a result, fault finding is one of our specialities.

Only too often the excuses of a 'throw away culture' or 'this kit is too old' are used to ratify a decision to recommend a replacement panel, devices or even an entire system. This can be extremely costly and in many cases, unnecessary.

If your are experiencing problems with any of your systems please feel free to contact us for advice or even a second opinion - like many of our customers, it could save you money too.

When the RRFSO replaced the fire brigade's Fire Certificate system, it became a legal requirement for many types of premises to ensure that an adequate Fire Risk Assessment is conducted and regularly reviewed.

Accountability for this sits with the 'Responsible Person' for the particular premises (as defined in the RRFSO) and failing to ensure that suitable fire precautions are provided & well maintained can lead to prosecution.

Are you a 'Responsible person'? Visit our downloads page where you will find a short reference guide to the RRFSO.

FRA's can be reasonably simple to conduct but can also be extremely complex and can often be pages long, especially for larger commercial and industrial premises and while it is possible to conduct an FRA yourself, acquiring the knowledge to enable you to do this can be time consuming and costly.

Why not let us take the 'risk' out of fire risk assessment for you?

We will carry out a full assessment & make appropriate recommendations presented to you in a full report for your records. This will ensure that not only your legal obligations are fulfilled, but will give you peace of mind that your business, assets, staff & visitors are well protected from the risks of fire.

Recent statistics show that faulty leads and portable electric appliances were the cause of approx 25% of all recorded fires in non-domestic premises. For this reason it is important that your Portable Electrical Appliances (anything with a plug) are inspected & tested for electrical safety. The Electricity At Work (EAW) & Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) require that the employer ensures that the equipment they provide is safe & well maintained.

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